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  • Hola,
    Me gustaría compartir con ustedes mi reciente video dahlia con dalias fotos de mi amigo el jardín de Nora.
    Nora es de El Salvador y llegó a la América hace muchos años.
    Ella cultiva las flores más bellas.
    Disfrute de Ernesto Cortazar melodía de piano 'Seguire Mi Viaje-Sabor A Mi '
    del álbum 'Boleros 1 '.
    profile 10:42 PM
  • Hello,
    I like to share with you my latest dahlia flowers video with you from my friend Nora's garden.
    She came from El Salvador to the USA many years ago and grows the most beautiful flowers.
    Enjoy Ernesto Cortazar's beautiful piano melody 'Seguire Mi Viaje-Sabor A Mi
    from the album 'Boleros 1.
    profile 10:34 PM
  • Anna Cummings added a new video
    Santa Rosa, California View larger map
    videos 10:24 PM View location
  • Hello,
    I invite you to take a walk with me in Auburn, California which is East of Sacramento.
    It is a gold mining town where many settlers found gold in this area.
    Some people I know still pan for gold in the nearby rivers and sometimes find nuggets.
    I love the Courthouse and the museum inside, telling me about its history.
    It is a nice tourist town and has many good restaurants and shops.
    profile 08:09 PM
  • Anna Cummings added a new video
    Auburn, California View larger map
    videos 07:56 PM View location
  • Hola,
    Por favor disfrutar de mi nuevo video con la hermosa musica de piano 'La Serenidad'
    interpretado por Ernesto Cortazar :)
    profile 01:40 PM
  • Hello,
    Please enjoy my newest video with the beautiful piano music "Serenity' played by Ernesto Cortazar.
    profile 01:38 PM
  • Anna Cummings added a new video
    Glen Ellen, California View larger map
    videos 01:32 PM View location


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